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Supporting Children with Sexual Behavior Problems $997 $497

Learn to support children who struggle with inappropriate or sexualized behavior...and support the parents too!

Most therapists are not trained in identifying, assessing, and treating sexual behavior problems. These skills are critical for any therapist supporting these complex behavioral difficulties.

The Supporting Children with SBPs is an effective program for assessing and treating SBPs

while supporting the whole family system.

Supporting Children with SBPs Program

Assessment & intervention for children with sexual behavior problems.


Learn foundational concepts for working with these children and their families. You will be able to distinguish between three levels of problematic behaviors, the relationship between attachment and SBPs, and assessment with the parents and child. You will also learn important family influences and how unresolved sexual abuse trauma for the parent impacts the child.


Learn to identify the best therapy modality for clients including individual, group, and family therapy. Play-based interventions to support the processing and healing of sexualized behavior. Safety planning to prevent further SBPs and maintain safety for the child and others. Best practices will also be reviewed to support your interventions with these families.


Learn strategies for implementing interventions in your practice to prevent early termination of therapy services. Strategies to support parents struggling with these behaviors and become either angry or disgusted. Also strategies to work with families who may become defensive, underreport problem behaviors, or become fearful to address these difficulties.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • Three phase intervention system that calms the chaos in the family, addresses the caregiver's unresolved trauma, and addresses the children/teens trauma all while building family resilience.

  • Intake & referral forms and an ssessment system to determine the intergenerational impacts on the therapy process, parent-child relationship, and the child or teen.

  • Strategies to increase therapist's hourly rate by offering group services and workshops while also providing cost

    savings to referral sources. (WIN-WIN!!)

  • Extra stream of revenue by providing highly specialized and sought after services for working with complicated families.

  • Extensive Facilitator's Guide with over 450 pages for delivering both individual and group interventions.

  • Five different Participant's Manuals for each phase of the therapy process with a total of over 300+ pages of reproducible worksheets with beautifully designed, professional graphics.

  • Confidently understand intergenerational trauma and how it is transmitted between generations.

  • Private VIP Facebook Group with Weekly Live Q&A sessions to ask questions and get expert support from Dr. Woods.

  • Strategies to reduce client waiting lists.

  • Huge reduction in burnout from working with complicated families with significant trauma impacts.

    NOTE: Clinicians providing services may want to purchase The Boundary Project from the Self-Esteem Shop (Cost: $39.95 USD)

The Intergenerational Trauma Program will transform your frustration and fear of working with complicated families into being a


Why You Can No Longer Wait to Develop These Skills:

Intergenerational trauma rates have risen with the pandemic and challenging world events. Therapists working with complicated families MUST develop these skills to meet the increased demands.

  • Therapists are experiencing extreme levels of burnout from the current level of need and trauma. Effective and efficient interventions for complicated cases are required to feel confident and keep going with record high demands for services.

  • Improves client engagement, rentention in therapy, and outcomes. This assessment and intervention system supports the therapist to CONNECT with families in a way that increases engagement and commitment to therapy.

  • Frustration with complicated cases is common if there isn't a process and intervention strategy to address common pitfalls when working with intergenerational therapy.

  • High turn over rates in therapist caseloads causes more burnout and a lack of confidence.

  • Therapists struggling with burnout, high client turnover, and frustration feel less effective and consider leaving the profession due to their dissatisfaction.

  • Therapists who leave the profession may have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for their education, certifications, and trainings. Leaving your education behind is a costly lesson when there is a better solution!

  • Piecing together information from books, courses, and trainings is cumbersome and rarely results in a streamlined, efficient process or framework.

  • Nagging self-doubt and imposter syndrome plagues therapists. It leads to greater attempts to learn more and more skills...and also more burnout!

  • After years of shutting down and feeling burned out, therapists can become frustrated with clients or complicated families.

What Others Have To Say:

"Barbara Woods is a passionate advocate for children and their families. I have co-led a book study with Barbara and experienced her creativity and ability to teach others, parents and professionals. She is highly knowledgeable about trauma and Polyvagal Theory. Through her trauma-informed approaches and expert guidance, she helps each person who’s life she touches."

-Doreen Hunt, MA, OTR

"I have consulted with Barbara to help me bring the Polyvagal Theory and the Safe and Sound Protocol into my private practice. I’ve been working with trauma my whole career (30 plus years) and I know a solid, and approachable professional when I meet one! Her enthusiasm and passion for her work is contagious. After I watched one of her recent videos I told her she reminds me of everyone’s favorite teacher. If you have a chance to work with her, don’t pass it up."

-Carol J S Nickerson, LICSW, CFT

"Barbara has a contagious passion for learning, teaching and mentoring. Concepts are broken down into bite-size digestible portions which are easily applicable. She is the embodiment of a true learner and teacher. We are fortunate to be able to share our growth paths with her clear and wIse guidance."

-Susi Lippuner, MSW, LCSW

What is the Cost of the Intergenerational Trauma Program?

Why can't I just piece it together myself??

The mistake most therapists make is trying to piece together books, courses, and trainings to have sufficient skills in treating a certain population. There are so many pitfalls with intergenerational trauma that it would take every therapist years to figure it out on their own. You don't need to piece together interventions that MIGHT work. The Courageous Way is the result of 20 years of clinical experience, thousands of hours of learning, and over fifteen years of extensive application of interventions for this population. For 12 payments of $197 or $1997 (pay in full), you can have access to my system, framework, and strategies in The Courageous Way.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your Investment is fully backed by a 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

I prefer to establish mentoring relationships with people who are satisfied with my teaching style and content. Therefore, if you get into the course, demonstrate that you did the work, and aren't satisfied in the first 30 days, I'll refund your money!


Just when you thought that was it!! Here are the bonuses that you will get

when you purchase The Courageous Way!

Identify Referral Sources

Save time by identifying the referral sources that can refer clients to The Courageous Way Intergenerational Trauma Program. This is the first step in marketing your new services. A step by step guide for identifying these resources and introducing your new services is included.

Marketing Strategies

Most therapists struggle with marketing their services. This short course is designed to give you quick marketing strategies and graphics to use on your website or social media platforms. This will help you streamline your marketing efforts if you are starting a new stream of income and don’t already have a referral base.

Pricing Your Workshop or Group

This training demonstrates how to conduct market research of your local area to establish the market value of your workshop or group. Approximately five different locations were reasearched in this training from various areas in the United States and Canada. After completing this process for your local area, you'll have a good idea of how to price your services for your practice.

Wait!! One More Bonus!!

Consider this a quick start guide to the assessment process and initial interventions to support a family early in the therapy process. This bonus will provide you with the Five Domains of Assessment for Intergenerational Trauma Impacts, Introduction to Polyvagal Theory, Assessment, and Interventions, and Polyvagal Attachment Strategies. (If you have already purchased the Intergenerational Trauma Toolkit, let Dr. Woods know in advance for a coupon equal to the amount of your purchase!)


Become the go-to expert for intergenerational trauma in your practice and location.

Meet Your Trainer & Mentor

Barbara Woods, Ph.D.

I love to teach therapists and parents to crack the code of a child's behavior and to become agents of change by harnessing the power of resilience.

I’m a psychotherapist in private practice and I train other therapists, teachers, and parents how to harness the power of relationships to support children who have difficult behaviors related to trauma and attachment disruptions. My private practice, Willow’s Bend Counselling Centre, Inc., is located in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. My clinical work tends to gravitate towards children who have experienced trauma or attachment disruptions. I love to crack the code on their behavioral difficulties and support the adults in these children’s lives too.

Through my private practice and community of over 7,500 psychotherapists, I’ve learned the importance of developing skills based on using interventions from disciplines like relational neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory, child development, and mindful parenting. These skills were the foundation to building a 7-figure practice in a small rural community.

I'm so excited that you've found The Courageous Way Intergenerational Trauma Program! You are on your way to transforming intergenerational trauma into family resilience for your clients!

Here's What You'll Get: 

  • Access to The Courageous Way - Intergenerational Trauma Program with access to the therapist training videos, group materials & handouts, marketing templates accessible 24/7 from any device. 

  • Facilitators guide with outlines of group content and group activities. (450 pages)

  • Five different Participant's Workbooks with reproducible worksheets for each session. (Phase 1; Phase 2; Phase 3 for Children, Teens, and Parents)

  • Videos done by Dr. Woods to introduce the concepts and worksheets to your groups and clients (if you would like to use them to support your presentation style).

  • ​​Weekly Live Group Q&A in the Facebook group with Dr. Woods.

  • Monthly group consultation meetings to review cases and get support.

  • ​Monthly guest expert or specialty trainings on topics relevant to trauma & resilience. (Coming Soon!)

  • ​Exclusive VIP FB Group.

  • BONUS PAY IN FULL: When you pay in full today get an Exclusive, 1:1 60 Minute initial consultation Session (recorded so you can re-watch) with a Custom implementation plan with Dr. Woods (VALUE: $2,500)

  • ​​[Bonus] Supporting Children with Sexual Behavior Problems course (Value $297)​​

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